GOOD God: Why Do Bad Things Happen If God Is Good?

"God is good...all the time " Have you ever heard this phrase, or even said it yourself? How about this one, "God is in control?" Or, "God has a plan, you can t see it now but in the future you ll know why God allowed _______________," and fill in the blank with whatever has happened to you or someone you love. The most popular statement about God is probably this one, "Everything happens for a reason." Have you ever been told that? Have you ever asked the question, "If God is in control, why do bad things happen?" We usually explain all of this away by saying that God is sovereign, meaning he can do whatever he wants.

These phrases and questions can be some of the most confusing ideas one will ever wrestle with. When we hear these kinds of phrases, especially when we re in the middle of challenging and difficult situations, we typically conclude that God s definition of good must be different from our definition of good. We re taught to believe that God is good but we somehow think God s version of good includes pain, suffering, loss, calamity, trials, disease, injustice and condemnation. Leaders and believers alike, say that "God loves you" but put him just out of our reach of understanding because we don t have good answers to these difficult questions.

Through these statements, God becomes someone that we can t fully relate to because we re not sure we know what he s going to do. We know we re supposed to love him but with these stumbling blocks in the way, it s very difficult to give ourselves to him wholly. Many of us have encountered people who are supposed to be representing God, but they have only judged us and told us what is wrong with us.

In this book, I want to give you some good news and tell you the truth about how God sees and relates to you. You ll discover that God is not currently judging the Earth with disasters, and he s not trying to teach you through pain.

This booklet is perfect for evangelism,



I love this little book! Had to give this one a 5 star rating! The Gospel is simple. It is LOVE! This book answers some questions everyone might have struggled with at some point. I know for me it really gave me a foundation of how much God loves us and is constantly seeking to bless us! A great book to pass along!
★★★★★ Amazon Review

This book is a simple to read Gospel 101 , as a ministry we buy this book and keep it in stock just for hand outs when doing street ministry as well seminars and thank you gifts. Clint Byars has really captured the love of God in a way everyone will celebrate no matter what your religious background, even if you don't have one. BUY This Book.
★★★★★ Amazon Review

This little book is a great resource. I love handing these out to people. The image of God that many Christians and non-Christians alike have about God is truly heartbreaking. Many of us have not walked in freedom because of our false beliefs. This is an easy to read book. I highly recommend for new Christians, non- Christians or even if you have been a Christian for decades. You will however want to order more than one. It is indeed "Good News" and you will want to share it.
★★★★★ Amazon Review