Harmonize with God By Your Words

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The law of Double Jeopardy applies in our eternal judgment before God, we can never be tried, convicted and punished for sins that Jesus already took punishment for. So, when I mess up and run from God in fear that He is angry, it’s as though I have forgotten that day in court where he pronounced in front of everyone (i.e., satan and the angels) that I am not guilty. My acceptance of His verdict determines whether I walk in fear or in faith and peace.

If you can connect with God and leave feeling hopeful and that the words of God are real, then the Holy Spirit will do the rest. Open your Bible and renew your mind so that when God speaks to you, you have his words already in you to call from. Christianity has failed to live up to the ideas / truth that Jesus taught, so let’s just believe what Jesus said and let doubtful men keep their religion.

Either what Jesus said is completely possible in every situation or he’s a sadistic liar that takes pleasure in watching us hope for something better that is not attainable. Let’s confess, or say the same thing God says about us, and walk in harmony with God.



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