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Is God controlling everything?
Does God do evil?
Can you fully trust God?

In this series, I define religion as "your attempt to approach and be acceptable to God through your own efforts." You would never say you are righteous through good behavior, but you might say you are unrighteous through sinful behavior. Both are legalistic and TOXIC.

The challenge with overcoming Toxic Religion is the same as overcoming any addiction, if you take on the identity of the sin, you’ll repeat it, if you take on the identity of someone who doesn’t have that problem, you can walk away from it.

Toxic Religion is focused on sin, failure, guilt, and condemnation. Toxic Religion assumes that you’re evil and you can never do enough. Toxic Religion keeps you focused on the old man and never fully puts on the new man. Toxic Religion will leave you continually seeking God for forgiveness and never truly resting in the peace that salvation by grace through faith should bring. Toxic Religion is addictive and must be cleansed from your identity.

Religion is an addiction because addiction attempts to meet a need that is actually, at its root, an inner imbalance of some kind, whether it be physical or psychological. Religion seeks to meet that imbalance through rule-keeping or obsolete covenant restrictions.

To break any addiction the inner man must reach a place of healthy homeostasis so it can involuntarily regulate toward health (I cover this idea in this series). The toxicity of religion is that it says you’ll always be imbalanced, never finding homeostasis because you are flawed at your core, therefore perpetuating toxic behavior. 

In this series you’ll learn how to:

  1. Break free from your addiction to self-righteousness

  2. Live from inner balance

  3. Trust God with your heart

  4. Know God’s true character

  5. Build your faith on TRUTH rather than CIRCUMSTANCE THEOLOGY

In this series I address a few examples of toxic beliefs like these:

  1. God is angry with me because I messed up. How to detox from that belief - God promised that he would never again be angry with me after Christ’s sacrifice because he established and everlasting covenant of peace with me through the finished work of Christ. (remember, toxic beliefs drive toxic behavior, what behavior do you think this toxic belief will drive?) This is actually self righteousness

  2. I still mess up because I’m just a sinner saved by grace. To detox from that belief you must understand your new creation identity. (what behavior do you think this belief will drive?) It’s actually

  3. Matthew 23:25 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence. 26 Blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean.

  4. My life is difficult sometimes because God is teaching me a lesson. To detox from this belief you must understand the nature of God and how he treats people.

If you feel like God is angry with you or you’re always questioning circumstances through your skewed perspective of God’s sovereignty, you’ll feel like you’re doing something wrong when you begin to think a different way. Let me help you break free from Toxic Religion!! It’s time to KICK THE HABIT OF BLAMING YOUR PROBLEMS ON GOD and discover your freedom in Christ!


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Finish Your Race and Fulfill Your Assignment from God

Finish Your Race and Fulfill Your Assignment from God

God is building his church and you have a significant role to fulfill. Do you know your assignment in the body of Christ? God didn’t create you to do a job for him, he created you to be his child, plain and simple. Acknowledge God as your Father and Christ as your savior and purpose is fulfilled.

However, now that you’re in his family, he has an assignment for you, some people call this a calling. You can accept or decline the assignment, it’s your choice. God will not change his mind about you nor will he revoke your access to Heaven if you don’t fulfill your assignment, but don’t you want to complete what he wants you to do?

You may have multiple assignments throughout your time on earth as a member of his body. Your assignments may be as simple as being kind to strangers but it may also be serving as a missionary to a hostile nation where you lose your life, or any number of assignments in between. Either way, he has equipped you with his spirit, he continually leads you and he will be your peace as you work out the details.

The Gift of Tongues Aligns Creation to Reflect God's Will

The Gift of Tongues Aligns Creation to Reflect God's Will

Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve. ~ Max Planck - Nobel Prize in Physics winner, Originator of Quantum Theory

I like to understand things from a scientific perspective, even spiritual things. I think we can apply the rules of science to matters of the spirit, we just have to think spiritually to understand the conclusions. There is a consistent physics to spirit. Physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines, and its main goal is to understand how the universe behaves. I believe that the spirit of God within us will teach us the physics of Heaven as we trust God and grow in our identity in Him.

The spiritual spectrum is accessible now. The kingdom of Heaven is at hand, it is within. It is absolutely possible to understand the spiritual spectrum through our scientific understanding of the created world.

For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. Romans 1:20

This perspective does not put God in a box and it’s not trying to intellectualize spiritual matters, it actually demystifies spiritual realities and helps us interact with God’s spirit in a practical way. I don’t know about you but I’m not satisfied with interesting ideas about God’s power, I want to see results.

Can You Evolve Spiritually? Demystifying the Gifts of the Spirit.

Can You Evolve Spiritually? Demystifying the Gifts of the Spirit.

I used to sit on my roof, smoking marijuana, trying to send mental signals to UFOs to pick me up and take me on a trip to the Pleiades. I often used psychedelics to “expand my mind” and help me connect with the multiverse. I had a theory that I was more connected with other dimensions while I was on LSD. While I thought I was becoming more spiritual and increasing my awareness, it was actually leading me to a very dark place. I began to hear audible voices and had a direct, open encounter with multiple demons that lasted for months. This article isn’t about that encounter, it’s about the mindset that facilitated the encounter.

A Complete List of the Prayers of the Apostle Paul

A Complete List of the Prayers of the Apostle Paul

I’m thankful for the Bible, aren’t you?! The written word is a collection of historical records, poetry, prophecy and doctrine. I personally love getting to peek into the minds and hearts of the authors. The Apostle Paul is an interesting person to study. We get to see his before and after Christ life, what a dramatic conversion! Of course Paul’s writings are where we get most of our New Covenant theology, but there is a specific aspect of his letters that are rich with insight, his prayers.

From time to time I like to look beyond doctrine into the human aspects of the people in the Bible, including Jesus. There are a few interesting things I noticed when looking at all the prayers of Paul, here is a complete collection of the prayers of the Apostle Paul.

The Five Fold Ministry and God's Church

The Five Fold Ministry and God's Church

God is building His church in the earth today. His church is also known as the Body of Christ. Every single Jesus follower has an assignment within God’s church or Christ’s body, including you. Some roles are formal while other roles may not even be recognized by the traditional church. I want you to know that you are important, you belong, and God has an assignment for you that brings Him glory and causes you to experience fulfillment.

The Unknown Healer: Understanding the Gifts of the Spirit

The Unknown Healer: Understanding the Gifts of the Spirit

The word “gift” is the Greek word charisma. The root word is charis, which is the word for “grace.” Charisma is charis in action. This makes sense when you understand the true definition and function of GRACE. Grace is unmerited favor but it also means “God’s divine influence in your heart.” Grace also means “capacity.” The idea is this, God will empower you in your inner man, your heart. He empowers you to do the things that His spirit is able to do, things you can’t do in your own strength. Things like live holy, heal people, function as a prophet, be righteous, all of which are empowerments (gifts) of His spirit.