Living from the Heart

The Secret to Experiencing God’s Transformative Power

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Message Titles

  1. Understanding the Heart
  2. Your Heart Determines the Degree of the Kingdom You’ll Experience
  3. Loving God with Every Aspect of Your Being
  4. Look at Unseen Eternal Truth
  5. Neuroscience Verifies the Process of Transformation Through Repentance
  6. The Responsibility of Liberty
  7. Faith In Your Heart Is The Evidence Your Mind Needs to Receive What You_re Expecting
  8. The Power That Transforms The Heart
  9. Our Love Will Testify of Jesus As We Partner in Faith
  10. Choosing Your Thought Life to Experience Strength in Weakness

Jesus said we would have the foundation to understand all his teachings if we understood the parable of the sower.

Here’s the bottom line. God spreads the seed of his word (Jesus) and the receptiveness of our heart determines the degree to which his seed (Christ) will take root and grow in our lives. Then he says the degree of intention and meditation we give to that word, or allow that word to abide in us, will affect our earthly experience of His Heavenly Kingdom. He gives us a secret of how this kingdom works, he says it’s like a farmer who sows seed, sleeps and wakes up to find the seed has reproduced after it’s own kind.

Our lesson is that it’s not our job to make the seed (kingdom) grow in our lives, it does that all on its own but the receptiveness of our heart determines how much of it we’ll allow to grow in our lives. The receptiveness of our heart is developed as we become whole through God’s love shed abroad in our hearts. We can never earn blessing or qualify for more of God but the confidence of our heart toward his character will limit or allow his presence to influence and move in our lives.

This series describes the function of grace in the heart and how to yield to the influence of the free-gift of righteousness that we receive through faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. When you understand the role of the heart in our experience of the kingdom you will be empowered and inspired to dig the roots of your heart/beliefs into the indwelling presence of God and discover the ever present transformative power of God within each and every believer.

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  Clint Byars Forward Ministries

Clint Byars
Forward Ministries

Did you get something out of these sermons? Perhaps something you can actively apply to your daily life now? I pray these sermons are a blessing to you and serve to root your heart deeper in the power of God's transformative grace. I pray you see fruit in the areas of your life you apply these principles.

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