New Covenant Faith

Faith is NOT What We Do To Move God, Faith Is Our Response to What God Has Done Through Christ

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Message Titles

  1. Faith Of A Son
  2. Faith As A Seed
  3. Kingdom Faith
  4. A Heart Of Faith
  5. Binding and Loosing by Faith

We think our problem is we have too little faith but the real issue is that our faith is misapplied. True faith is simply confidence in Jesus.

Faith is not a commodity or a good, it’s a way of thinking, it’s a way of living it’s an attitude of the heart. Everything you’ll ever want, need or have from God in this life and the next has already been given to you in Jesus. Faith simply trusts in the truth.

God gives us confidence to remain firm and encouraged as we expect what we’ve already been given in Jesus to fully manifest. Faith is remaining confident in that which is already yours, while being joyful and confident, even if you don’t understand, until you see it. Faith is less about mystically discerning a message from God and more about believing and yielding to what he’s already done in Jesus is available to you now.

In this series you will:

  • Learn confident faith
  • Discover how to have great faith
  • Get your faith to work
  • Enjoy the rest of true faith


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