New Covenant Prayer

Standing in the Place of Acceptance

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Where do you stand when you pray?

Do you stand in the middle of your situation and invite God in? Do you stand in your lack and pray that God shows up? Or do you stand in Heaven and speak the same thing God is saying about your life? New Covenant Prayer is speaking the will of God, as a child of God.

Things to remember in New Covenant Prayer

  • All of God’s promises are yes and amen
  • We’re sealed with that spirit of promise
  • We are hidden with Christ, in God
  • We are seated in Heavenly places
  • We are joint-heirs with Jesus
  • We have the mind of Christ
  • God is for us
  • Nothing can separate us from his love
  Clint Byars Forward Ministries

Clint Byars
Forward Ministries

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