Overcoming Loneliness and Isolation

Grow In Intimacy by Planting God's Word In Your Heart

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We are capable of believing anything that feels true to us. In isolation we begin to believe only what we convince ourselves to be true. If you allow yourself to isolate long enough, you may begin to question truth itself.

When we experience strong enough emotions, whether they’re based on truth or not, we’ll begin to write on our hearts and change our beliefs. This principle can work for or against you.

Loneliness leads to isolation. In isolation we tend to believe the worst even if it’s not true. The worst about ourselves, the worst about our lives and the worst about God. The danger is when strong enough emotions are present we’ll begin to write on our hearts and change our beliefs, whether what we’re feeling is based on truth or not. We ultimately believe what feels true. When lies feel true we become susceptible deception. Deception is only as strong as your willingness to believe something that’s not true. Here’s the thing. Truth may not be your current reality but it can be. Meditate on God’s revealed truth to the degree that it begins to feel possible for you.

Does God’s truth feel real to you?

The truth is God will never leave you. Jesus became your sin so you could become righteous. Jesus died the death you deserve so you can share in the inheritance he gained. You are free from the power of sin. Fear has no place in your because Jesus has conquered death.

Does the truth feel true to you? If not then you now know the problem, it’s time to meditate on the truth in your heart until you believe it. In this series I walk you through a simple process to discover why you’re isolating yourself and how to replace those beliefs with the truth.

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