Praying Like Jesus

Praying from Heaven in Righteousness and Completeness

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Do you know how to pray like Jesus?

As believers who are righteous before God through Jesus Christ, we are to pray like Jesus, from a position of acceptance. Too often our prayers are a testament to our unbelief and improper thinking about our new identity. We are no longer sinners separated from God because of sin, we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. This should be more than information, this powerful truth should effect our prayer lives.

  • We are not waiting for God to show up, he said he’d never leave.
  • We don’t have to convince God to bless us, we’re blessed because we believe.
  • We don’t have to pray for God to defeat the enemy on our behalf, it’s already done.

In this series, learn to pray from a place of victory, from your rightful place, seated next to the Father.

  Clint Byars Forward Ministries

Clint Byars
Forward Ministries

Did you get something out of these sermons? Perhaps something you can actively apply to your daily life now? I pray these sermons are a blessing to you and serve to root your heart deeper in the power of God's transformative grace. I pray you see fruit in the areas of your life you apply these principles.

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