The Humanity of Jesus

Understanding the Incarnation of God
and the Authority of Man

The Humanity ofJesus.jpg

Why is it important to understand the humanity of Jesus? Because when you see that Jesus did all he did as a man, tempted in all ways like we are yet without sin, you realize your own power as a human.

Jesus was God, but he limited himself to the life of a human. Everything he did was as a man, under the influence of grace, full of the Holy Spirit. This is the same way all believers live. Jesus showed us what was possible for all humans that believe on his sacrifice and receive God’s spirit.

  • Discover the authority of mankind
  • Walk in power as a representative of God
  • Break free from a theology that says mankind is totally depraved

This series focuses on the authority of mankind and how Jesus placed all power back in our hands. For more on the exchange of natures on the cross, see my series Exchanging Natures with Jesus: Seeing Jesus in the Yom Kippur Atonement and Living in His Kingdom.



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