Are They from God?

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Have you ever wondered why the world is so messed up if God is supposed to be “in control”?  What about Job, have you ever read that book and walked away confused or thinking that God doesn’t make sense? I have good news for you.  The truth is that in this world we will have difficulty but I will show you how under the New Covenant, God is not sending trials and suffering into our lives to teach us lessons. 

James clearly tells us that trials come as a result of temptation and temptation comes when we take our eyes off of Jesus.God is not allowing sickness and hardship in your life.  God has delivered us from the curse of the law and has satisfied his anger through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.Listen to this series and discover just how complete the New Covenant is and experience the amazing love God has for you.

  • Learn the truth about Job
  • Chase away all confusion about trials
  • See how God tests us under the New Covenant
  • Discover the character of God and his love for you
  • Become more established in God’s grace


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