Win on the Inside

End the Cycle of Self-Deception and Denial

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Get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, WHICH CAN SAVE YOU.
— James 1:21

Develop an attitude of fortitude. Move from being a believer to a disciple. Learn to win in secret so you can face and win in any situation in life. If you can master your mind and rule your inner world, you can face and thrive in anything you encounter in this life. God has placed the riches and power of eternity within you, learn to draw on that power and like a citizen of Heaven on earth.

This series will help you develop a life philosophy for winning in every situation, like this...

Because I’m loved by God, secure in Jesus and I’m already complete in Him spiritually, I will yield myself to him as much as my heart will allow in every area of life, and I will seek to increase the capacity of my heart to allow him to live through me fully as long as I live. Because I’m already complete spiritually, I will not allow the world’s definitions of life and success rob me of my peace and joy. I will daily live in Peace, Joy and Thankfulness because I’m already accepted by God and I know that he desires good things me.


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