How to Forgive Others

How to Forgive Others

There are two main sources of pain and suffering; loss and offense.

Loss is unfortunately part of this world. The world is not in the condition God created it to exist in and it’s not yet what it will be. One day God will restore all things and we’ll transition into what we know of as Heaven. Until then, we will all suffer some kinds of loss. We do have God’s promise of peace and provision in the midst of loss but it will come.

The other source of pain is offense. Offense comes when we attach significance to other’s actions. Offense is a tool of the enemy to keep us isolated but we’re also pretty good and being offended without the enemy’s help. Offense rests within the heart like a splinter. It’s a nagging pain that installs a filter. When we’re offended we look through it as a lens to the world. It skews every relationship and circumstance once the offense takes root in our heart.

A Testimony of Recovery from Addiction by Grace

Chris and Shea are heroes. They are heroes because they have allowed God to transform them. For most of their lives they were selfish and unproductive but since hearing the Gospel, they have chosen life. This is what grace does, it works in a human heart to bring about honest and lasting change.