I was totally convinced of the lies that the demons were telling me. Even though I wasn’t dead and in hell, I fully believed that I was because that was the reality that I allowed to be created. At any moment I could have changed my reality to align with truth, but the problem was that I didn’t know the truth.
— page 144 Devil Walk

devil walk

A True Story of Deliverance from Demonic Possession

I was trapped for months in a living hell on earth with mental torment day and night yet finally...rescued by the power of infinite love. Come along for the ride as I bares my heart and tell of the dark night when I descended into the demonic realm through substance abuse but quickly turned into much more.

Experience with me the months of unremitting mental torment when I simply went through the motions of daily life even as I believed he was actually dead and in hell. Discover with me the true nature of Satan and his realm: a realm built on lies and elaborate deceptions and where Satan himself is a liar and the author of lies.

Rejoice with me as I discover a power greater than the lies of the devil: the power of truth; the power of the infinite love of Jesus Christ that shatters the shackles of his deception, frees me from a hell on earth and brings me for the first time into the world of those who are truly alive.

You've never read a personal testimony like Devil Walk. Once you read my incredible true story you will never look at Satan the same way again. You will understand that because of Christ there is no longer any reason to fear Satan. He is a "paper lion" and an already defeated enemy.

Satan lacks both the authority and the power to kill any of us on his own initiative. In fact, the only power Satan has over us is the power we give him. Even then, his only power is in our willingness to believe his lies.
— page 127 of Devil Walk



Devil Walk is a compelling read. Clint Byars is able to describe his journey with honesty and leaves the reader feeling inspired. His struggle and triumph is an inspiration to all.
Connie ★★★★★ Amazon Review

Very eye opening into the truth of who satan really is and how he operates. Thanks to Clint for sharing his journey to hell and back!!
Angela ★★★★★ Amazon Review

A fascinating account of one man’s struggle with the dark forces and unseen principalities that we all struggle with. This is extreme and not for those faint of heart but its a fresh and candid look into one man’s heart.
GonzoEVH ★★★★★ Amazon Review

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the testimony of a young man dangerously deceived by the enemy for months and lived to tell about it. Not only live to tell about it but live to bring others out of deception into the marvelous truths of knowing Jesus and walking in their new identity. If you want to know the tactics of the enemy and how he will try to deceive you read this book. You will not only gain knowledge about the enemies ways but how we ALREADY have the victory in Jesus. A refreshing book showing you how to stand firm in who you are and experience Jesus every single day.
Rebekah Royal ★★★★★ Amazon Review

I highly recommend this book! For the non-Christian and Christian alike, it reveals the hopelessness that can consume us when we listen to the negative, destructive accusations of satan. (I realized that this does not have to come through the actual voice of satan, but thoughts that tell us how doomed that we are.) After revealing the game that satan plays with us, we are offered the solutions for hope, peace and a knowing that God has provided life, not death! If you are discouraged, I highly recommend this book. If all is well, I highly recommend this book! It can only enhance your Christian walk.
M. Cook ★★★★★ Amazon Review