Your Will Be Done, On Earth As In Heaven

Prayer... What is it? Why should believers do it? Why do you pray? How do you pray?

These are all good questions. While the answers may seem obvious, many Christians do not have an active and effective prayer life. I think the reasons most Christians only pray when something is wrong is because we don't understand our role as ambassadors. Pray has very little to do with asking God to meet a need and much more to do with applying God's provision.

Remember last week's article, you are a friend of God, equipped by God to represent God. Jesus taught us to pray a very specific way, acknowledge God, set your mind on things above, speak to the kingdom realm and "command" it to grow as if the earth is Heaven. Last week I showed you the meaning and application of the word "come" in thy kingdom come, building on that let's look at "your will be done."

Jesus is not asking God to send his kingdom, he's speaking to the realm of God's domain as if it's supposed to be evident on earth. He prays or commands God realm of rule to be established here, now. Apparently, Jesus thinks it's a perfectly legal prayer to administer the quality of life that's found in Heaven on this earth.

Keep in mind he's not just praying as the Messiah, his disciples asked him to teach them to pray. He fully expects his followers to pray the same way. What would change in your prayer life if you saw prayer more as delivering Heaven's instructions to the earthly realm rather than as asking God to show up and do something?

We are ambassadors, representing God, executing his will in the earth. We are delivering and executing his will in our personal lives as believers but also as representatives of his kingdom to all the earth. Prayer is powerful. God has your back when you pray. The more confident you are in your identity as an ambassador, the more boldly you will pray. And the more boldly you pray, the more Heaven's state of existence will be established in the earth.

Don't back down, be bold. Take Jesus at his word. Trust God. Know his will and apply it to your prayer for yourself and others!

Jesus' Model of Prayer

OUR FATHER: Remember you are a child and friend of God
WHO IS IN HEAVEN: Set your mind on things above rather than the problem
REVERENT IS YOUR NAME: Honor and respect God in his power and majesty
YOUR KINGDOM GROW: His Kingdom has come and we command it to grow
YOUR WILL BE DONE: Jesus is God’s will, pray in agreement with who Jesus is
ON EARTH AS IN HEAVEN: God wants the earth to look like Heaven now
MEET OUR DAILY PROVISIONS: He meets our needs according to his riches
FORGIVE BECAUSE YOU’RE FORGIVEN: Thank him you’re forgiven in Christ

Discussion Questions

  1. What did you get out of the message Sunday?
  2. What is prayer?
  3. Why do you pray?
  4. Do you think prayer is effective?
  5. What would change is you saw prayer as delivering Heaven's instructions rather than asking God to show up?

Clint Byars

Believer, Husband, Father