Communion and Powerful Spontaneous Worship

Examine yourself to see if you're in faith, not sin

Communion is a powerful ceremony that has been stolen from the church. Communion is a remembrance, it's not something you should avoid if you sinned this week. If we could only take communion when we're sinless, we'd never take communion.

Think about it, "anything not of faith is sin." If that's the standard, then you'd never take communion. Communion is a ceremony to put you back in faith toward God and what he's accomplished through Christ. It's a meditative exercise where you engage your heart with the fact that you died with Christ and you're washed clean in his sacrificial blood. The life is in the blood, an exchange happened, you should celebrate that!

The next time you take communion, remember that Jesus' body was broken and cursed for you. Remember that his body in the veil through which you enter the presence of God. Remember that he took your pain, suffering, sickness and punishment. Remember that his blood was shed to wash away your sin. Remember that he passed into the grave to conquer death. Remember that he rose with his own blood to sprinkle his life/blood in God's Heavenly Holy of Holies as a testimony of righteousness for all who place trust in that blood. Remember that you're safe in Jesus!

Clint Byars

Believer, Husband, Father