The Baptism of the Spirit is Our Adoption Process

Most of us think of power when we think about the baptism of/in the spirit. We immediately think of praying in tongues and power to do miracles. While this is a byproduct of being baptized in the spirit there is another reason for the baptism. The main reason God immerses you in his spirit is to purify, cleanse and sanctify you so he can live in you and make you his eternal child. The baptism of the spirit is the adoption process we go through to be changed into righteous and eternal children of God.

Walking In the Spirit is Natural

The spirit of God is like unlimited or infinitely high voltage power. If humans were exposed to his direct spirit/power, we would instantly die. His power must be stepped down for us to not die from his presence. Much of my teaching is based on the heart, in this illustration you can look at your heart as the transformer that steps down God's power. Jesus taught this in the parable of the sower. He basically says that you can experience as much of the kingdom as your transformer/heart will allow you to experience. I pray you increase the capacity of your transformer to allow more power to flow!

How to be a King

You are a king and a priest of God's kingdom that shall reign in this life. He has raised you with Christ and seated you in Heavenly places. You are a co-heir of everything Jesus inherited in his resurrection and ascension.

That sounds wonderful, it sounds very spiritual, but what does it mean to you now? Do you actually know how to live within those realities in this present life? 

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

We go through our days relating to people through our biases and filters without taking the time to get to know people. Often times it's because there is not enough time to get to know everyone but that doesn't absolve us from general compassion toward all of mankind. We are to be clothed with compassion. When someone looks at you do they see compassion just a clearly as they see the shirt you're wearing? It's time for the body of Christ to lead with love and not be so easily offended.

Are you reigning as a king and priest?

We have been raised with Christ and seated in "Heavenly places." Most people misinterpret this to mean we have been "resurrected" with Christ. "Raised with Christ and seated in Heavenly places" is actually a declaration of authority. You haven't been resurrected yet but you have been given authority.

Believers have the same authority on this planet as Jesus and we are to be reigning on this planet as such. Not so you'll drive a Mercedes and live in a mansion, but so that God could increase the influence of his kingdom in the earth through you.

Your Will Be Done, On Earth As In Heaven

Prayer... What is it? Why should believers do it? Why do you pray? How do you pray?

These are all good questions. While the answers may seem obvious, many Christians do not have an active and effective prayer life. I think the reasons most Christians only pray when something is wrong is because we don't understand our role as ambassadors. Pray has very little to do with asking God to meet a need and much more to do with applying God's provision.