Communion and Powerful Spontaneous Worship

Communion is a powerful ceremony that has been stolen from the church. Communion is a remembrance, it's not something you should avoid if you sinned this week. If we could only take communion when we're sinless, we'd never take communion.

Think about it, "anything not of faith is sin." If that's the standard, then you'd never take communion. Communion is a ceremony to put you back in faith toward God and what he's accomplished through Christ. It's a meditative exercise where you engage your heart with the fact that you died with Christ and you're washed clean in his sacrificial blood. The life is in the blood, an exchange happened, you should celebrate that!

Where Soul Meets Spirit, the Dwelling Place of the WORD of God

The word of God is not just the written word...AND it's not just the spoken word. The Greek word for "word" is logos. In Greek philosophy, Heracleitus, Plato and Aristotle agreed on the basic meaning of logos, which is; the divine reason implicit in the cosmos, ordering it and giving it form and meaning.

Essentially, the Logos was the order and structure behind nature. Philosophers for thousands of years have looked at nature and recognized there's an order to things; a tree bears fruit, rainwater nourishes the plants, humans are sustained by the food that grows, etc...

Learn to Live from Your True Eternal Self

You live on when you die because you have an eternal tent, house, body; i.e. a spirit. The real you is already eternal, your temporary body will become dust and fade away but your true self will live on. When that body fades away, so will sickness, pain, lack and all the things that limit us on this planet. The amazing news about your true eternal identity is that you can live from it now.

The Most Challenging (and potentially offensive) Sermon You'll Ever Hear

Several folks have told me this is my best sermon ever! Personally, I also see this sermon as potentially the most offensive sermon ever. Why? Because I answer the question, “why isn’t it working for me?” Over and over in the ministry of Jesus we see him hold people responsible. Jesus holds people responsible for not being able to get healed and he holds his disciples responsible for not being able to heal people. This is not an article about healing per se, it’s an article about why we don’t receive or walk in the power Jesus gave us. Click to read the full article.


Remember when Jesus told his disciples their hearts were hard? Was it because they were evil? Was it because they kept sinning? Nope. I'm going to take you through Mark 6 to show you the answer. The progression we see the disciples go through in Mark 6 is insightful, see if it applies to your life.

Your Spirit Can Pray

Praying in the spirit is one of the dividing lines between charismatic and denominational Christians. The Charismatics have made people feel like if you not praying in tongues, you're not as spiritual as you should be. And some denominations teach their folks that tongues is of the devil. I personally pray in tongues almost daily, for reasons I'll list below. I first want to show you a few passages on the topic.